Today we have completed smart contracts and successfully built YieldFarming.

Below is information of our smart contracts

Name Token: Comos Token

Address: 0x4550F9C9e198F06AE62ab6e98183328caA9ae239

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Initial Total Supply: 500 $COMOS

You can buy COMOS tokens and visit our YieldFarming:
➥ Launch Farm:
You can buy COMOS on our website or on PancakeSwap:

⚠️We use Hybrid Burning Mechanism, every transaction (send, swap, farming, etc.) of COMOS will be charged a 1% transfer tax, this transfer tax will be burned in every transaction.
So always set “Slippage” greater than 1% when transaction.

⌛️ Farms & Staking will begin at 13:00 UTC Mar 28, 2021

Comos Finance is a new generation Yield Farm on Binance Smart Chain. One big problem that most traditional yield farms and even Goose Finance are facing is deflation, leading to a decrease in token price, while the amount of tokens is increasing. Comos Finance has fixed that by incorporating different mechanisms in Comos Finance’s Yield Farm.

Below Are Some of the Mechanisms and Security Features That Apply in this Project

  • Hybrid Burning Mechanism: Buyback Burning & Transfer Tax Burning (1% transfer tax will be burned on each transaction)
  • Reducing emissions in stages
  • Migrator Code has been removed
  • Use Timelock as owner of Masterchef

Why choose Comos Finance

In addition to the above reasons, here are the notable points…

Comos Finance

The Comos Finance is a yield farming protocol on BSC. The Comos Finance is an exchange platform whereby users can manage most of the exchange tokens.

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